3D Classroom


Engine: Unity
Language: CSharp
Duration: 2 Weeks
Team: none
Status: Still being worked on

About the project.

This was a small project i made during my time at uni which involves basic interactions of player and his environments with some elements of a 3D printing mahcine

The gameplay take place inside a classroom which i built from free assets i gathered from the Unity asset store called "Snaps Art HD | School"

Why did I make this?

The project was a small task given out during class which i found interesting and was also planning to refresh my memory in c# and unity

What did I learn?

Through the project i learned how to implement basic HDRP pipline and how to work with sky boxs. i also leanred some additional information regarding objects physics to apply dragging system as well collision between objects using mesh and box collider



Some basic movement with the camera attached to a player component which can freely move around the classroom with normal physics applied

Dragging objects

The player is able to drag object around by click and hold them while moving the mouse, dragging is only applied to most of the school utilities and not the structure componnets as it would be unrealistic

Printing objects

There are 4 buttons provided which function is to assist player to printing a duplicate of the provided objects in this case is a projector

The process start with pressing the first button to launch the machine, the other buttons wont work unless the first one is pressed with the green light turned on as indicator

The player can then proceed to press the second button to start printing the object which take 4 secs to output the product, during the time the process may be cancel by pressing the third button


The last button is used for modified the objects such as its scale, colors or materials before printing

currrently the development is still at changing the color of the objects